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Tips For Mothers Returning To Work After Maternity

Top Tips For Mothers Returning To Work After Maternity Leave.

Top Tips For Mothers Returning To Work After Maternity Leave.

Having a baby, 1st or 3rd, is a life changing experience and motherhood can be quite a demanding role, though a very loving and rewarding role too.
It can be full of opposites; you want sleep but you want to check their sleep is going well, you want a break but from the second you are parted from them you want to be reunited, you want to enjoy building your career and enjoy hobbies, but you also don’t want to miss a second of your children’s day – which is partly why returning to work is so hard.
Separation anxiety is most definitely a thing and will make leaving your child in the morning for work that much harder. So, take a deep breath!, as here are a few things to consider when returning to work after maternity leave.

Find the right childcare that works for you
Finding the right nursery isn’t an easy task. It can be very hard to find someone that you trust fully with your child and you may never trust anyone the way you can trust yourself to care for your little ones. Therefore, it is important to explore your options and make a trusted informed decision. Even if this means picking a nursery over a friend.

Consider part time hours
One massive limitation you might find when returning to work is how long it takes you to travel to and from your job. For new parents this can often mean waking your little one very early in the morning and not seeing them until late at night again. This level of separation can be hard for new parents. Working part time can be a job option to combat this as you are making an income, as well as not missing those precious moments with your new baby.

Focus on the positives
Think about the special things you can afford to do with your child when you get home because you are financially better off. This can help limit the stress of financially supporting a baby, which can be an expensive venture indeed! You can also enjoy the break at work from running after a young child, it might feel a little bitter-sweet at first but quickly become a well needed element to get through each week.

Benefits of Nursery
Your child will likely make lots of new friends at nursery, learn a lot of new skills from the other children and progress a lot faster whilst having a lot of fun and eating a balanced healthy diet (which a typical nursery will provide). Especially if you aren’t into cooking, it can feel like a relief to know that someone else is doing it properly for your child in a safe enjoyable environment.

Prepare for the downside of nursery

Although nursery has a range of amazing benefits for your child, there can also be some downsides. The main limitation is the illnesses that do the rounds at nursery, and in the first few weeks it can feel like your child is catching everything and getting sick constantly every week for a while. This can also potentially impact your ability to work, so if in a new job it is important to have back up in place if you and your nursery can not care for your child. Nursery is also a very expensive venture which has to be paid upfront, you may need to prepare for this before working.

And Finally,
Remember to be patient with yourself! Adjusting to the new working lifestyle can be hard, so don’t judge yourself if working doesn’t work out after all. Everybody’s situation is different, and everyone’s needs are different too, it’s important to do what is best for you and your family.


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